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Please read the important information on
the installation page

download the installation file for the latest version

If you are a  previously registered user of WinRK version 3.5.8 or earlier and now  wish to upgrade to the current version, we can offer a 50% discount.   Additional licences may also be purchased at the discounted rate. Please see the Sales page.
If you are a user of later versions this is a free upgrade.

optionally also download WinRK_Plus

WinRK_Plus is a free additional application which can  be used in conjunction with WinRK.  It has additional functionality not  otherwise available. Please contact us for further information.

If you already own WinRK V2 we will convert your records so that they may be used in the current version.  Please contact support for further information.

download for remote assistance

for remote assistance download this and save it to your desktop
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