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Installing WinRK     
If you have WinRK version 2 installed, this MUST be uninstalled first, as the two versions cannot co-exist on the computer.  Make sure that you make safe copies of all your database files before proceeding!
From the “Downloads” page, save the WinRK installation file to your computer and run it from there. Do not attempt to install directly from the web.  You may safely ignore any warnings about the integrity of the file, as it has been carefully checked for viruses and othe malware.
Please ensure any anti-virus programme is completely disabled before attempting to install WinRK, and run the downloaded installation file by right-clicking it and “Running as Administrator”.  Depending upon your PC’s security  settings, you may be asked to confirm that it is in order to install WinRK, and any safety warnings may be ignored.          

Once WinRK has been installed you must configure the shortcut, which by default  has been placed on your desktop. Do this by right-clicking the WinRK  icon and select Properties.  In the Compatibility tab set the programme  to run as WindowsXP (Service Pack 3).  WinRK requires that the operating system is set up for English (UK) in order for dates to be correctly processed.  

That’s installation completed, but do not forget to re-activate your anti-virus software.

It is recommended that you try to print something (anything will do!) from WinRK as it has been noticed that in some installations this throws up an error.  This can usually be fixed, so please contact us if you experience any difficulty with printing.

Remote support
You  will also see a new icon called TeamViewer on your desktop, which may  be used if you require remote assistance at any time.

When you first run WinRK  you will be presented with a dialogue box informing you that you are  running in evaluation mode for 30 days.  You can purchase an activation  code (unique to your PC) at any time during this period, and this should  be entered in the relevant box, thus fully activating the product.  If  you do not do this within 30 days WinRK will become locked, but still capable of being activated at any time.

If you encounter any difficulties with the installation process please contact us and we will assist you.
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